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The Dilemma(s)

After everything what happened lately I’ve decided to change the way things where going. I quit school, lost my boyfriend, lost my jobs and got stuck in my work. Now I’m looking for a new way to handle things. Like the Linkin Park song says “the hardest part of ending is starting again”. Being on the crew of Ik en Emma really took my mind of things.

Being on the set was time well spend. I’ve learned a lot! We almost finished shooting and we’ll have to start editing really fast, as the premiere is coming up real soon!

Which brings me to my next subject. The premiere. Now Maarten and I have broken up I don’t have a date for the premiere. I’ve dreamed about my first premiere for so long and I don’t intend to attend it on my own. So I guess I’ll have to go on date-hunt like Ditte likes to call it! I’m gonna be picky though, I’m not gonna bring just anyone!

But there’s an other dilemma which I have to overcome before my calendar tells me it’s June the 14th. The dress. Guys will think the dilemma is overrated but all the girls will agree with me. I have a few options here. I’m considering wearing a dress I presented myself with a year ago for getting my diploma. It’s really pretty! But maybe I’ll go and try to find a new dress. It kinda depends on the guy who’ll escort me. What will he wear? A suit? And which color tie? And what to do with my hair? Argh!

So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! =D

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Ik en Emma 2.0

It has been a while since my last Ik en Emma post, but we’ve accomplished a lot since! We’ve been to several locations and took some kick-ass footage! I must say I’ve missed a few days, which I regret. While the crew did their best to create an awesome film, I spend my day waiting for school to end and wondering what I was missing out on, which included cute puppies at the setโ€ฆ thank you very much mr. ROC.

Anyhow, I’ll fill you in on the events I’ve witnessed. But first I’ll have to ask you to watch this marvelous video. It includes a select few of the many pictures taken at the scene! Enjoy…

Day 4: Arnhem
I mentioned this particular day in my last Ik en Emma post, but didn’t tell you much. Not that I’m planning to do so now, just a tiny bit more. The fourth day took place in Arnhem. A very awesome cafe to be specific, and if you pay close attention to the first couple of photo’s you’ll actually know which cafe! We spent most of that day in the cafe but we transferred to various locations round about the shopping center of Arnhem. Starting at Jeroen’s place in order to enjoy a very tasty lunch, which included frikandellen and kroketten! Tim and I took off at 19:00 PM but some of the cast and crew didn’t stop till way past midnight, diehards!

Day 5: ?
I didn’t attend this one so I can’t possibly tell you about it.

Day 6: Nijmegen
This day took place on a monday, but fortunately school decided this would be a good to give us a day off. great! So I went to Nijmegen and arrived at an very nice apartment. I instantly loved it! We did a lot of redecorating between shots that day, which was nice. Alex left early to attend a concert and Tim arrived later that day from work. The last scene that day (or should I say night?!) took a lot of time. It really was a tricky one to be honest. But it was worth it. The end of the day became a bit hazy. My bed and I where united at 2:25 AM that night, if I stand correctly. (I checked my testing inbox to be sure)

Day 7: Nijmegen 2.0
The second day started with a kind of Extreme Home Makeover. You wouldn’t recognize the living room if you’d seen it! I really enjoyed moving stuff around! Again, Tim joined the crew later on that evening because of work. We had the TV running with nobody really watching, but as it kept showing a McFlurry Stroopwafel commercial again and again we all started to notice. apparently commercials do work, because people actually started craving for the McFlurry, and after a while me as well. So Sharon and I went to get us all some McFlurries, which turned out be become quite a quest. The McDonalds we aimed for closed like, 5 minuted before we arrived. Stupid McDonalds. So we decided we didn’t want to return empty handed and tried the other McDonalds. Which, of course, was located at the other side of Nijmegen. Damn. But we had our ice creams and where welcomed back by many happy faces! Haha.. That evening Tim and I left the set early to catch the last train home. I was really, really, really tired, but I had a great time!

Day 8 and 9: ?
These days will remain a mystery if you only read my blog. I didn’t attend these 2 days because I had to be at my internship-company-thingy. I was really grumpy about it because I just really wanted to be at the Ik en Emma set, maybe I should apologize to my colleaguesโ€ฆ

Day 10: Elst
This day took place in an other apartment, the apartment of a friend of the wife of Alphonso’s cousin if I’m not mistaken. Anyhow, it was located in Elst. We did a lot of different shots that day and we worked with “Emma’s dad”. A man of whom I think is a great actor. But then again so is Zora. I really felt uncomfortable when they pretended to have a fight! We also had a visitor that afternoon, a women who’s name didn’t linger in my mind. She was a reporter for the Sensor. A kind of E-newspaper of the HAN faculty if I understood correctly. She clearly was interested in the project. I liked that. Here is where you can read her article. Again we had loads of fun and I came home at 1.45 AM that night.

Day 11: Elst 2.0
Day 11 already.. They say time flies when having fun, I recon “they” are right! I have some serious sleep-catching up to do and I think I will O.D. on coffee at some point but I still feel very motivated and enthusiastic about the whole project! Today was a really easy-going day for me, I had to go to school first so I arrived at the set at 15:30 PM, give and take a few. I had to do a few short audio recordings. We finished at 19:00 PM, cleaned up the place, played with the cats, moved the equipment, enjoyed the sun and went home. Back in Arnhem Alex and I decided we didn’t felt like cooking so we went to Chico’s for a nice Kebab. I got home at 21:00 PM

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Ik en Emma: official teaser

The official Ik en Emma teaser is online now!

Watch it, admire it, remember it and buy your own cinema premiere ticket at

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Ik en Emma in de media


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Ik en Emma

Like I said a few posts back, I am on the crew of Ik en Emma. The actual shooting started 2 weeks ago but loads happened since I got on the crew. This is our story so far:

How I got in
I guess it all started last year when I volunteered to help Maarten with the school project he was working on. It was a project in which they had to recruit a whole team to develop a new game from scratch in nearly 8 weeks time. I came along to edit their making off film for the end-of-term-presentation the next day. The project leader of the Dark Flame team was Alex. He told me about Ik en Emma that day, but couldn’t say much. That was a little frustrating because I wanted to know more about the film! Then Alex suggested that I could be on the crew. They had a few options open. First I couldn’t believe it, but then I became very enthusiastic! Alex would talk to Alphonso and later on, so would I. We agreed very quickly on my part in the crew. Sound.

Where I got help
I started to gather information right away. I also went to my old school to talk to my former teachers. They explained a lot to me and said that I could ask for their help any time. In the meantime I had scouting training where I met a guy, Tim. He told me about his work, which was also audio/video related, and gave me his card. Which of course, I lost. The second weekend of the training was 2 weeks before the first production day. I talked to Tim again and asked him if he was interested in helping me. He was and we made an appointment to discuss the job later. I am really glad I asked Tim for help, he makes the job a lot easier!

Our first location was a vintage store in Utrecht called Sussies Vintage. It was a really cool location ’cause it had all these happy colors, clothes and funny wallpapers. The weather was great and everyone was excited for getting started! I was very nervous since this was my first real production day, but all went really well! I can’t wait to see the results! Unfortunately we didn’t get to shoot all the footage we wanted so we’ll have to get back there for an other day, not that I mind though ๐Ÿ˜‰

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second day took place in a cafeteria. It contained a few very tricky shots and every single sound echoed a lot. It was also my first day without Tim’s help so it became a bit more complicated holding on to all my material and keeping an eye on the recording device. I think it went okay though ๐Ÿ˜€

The third day took place in Arnhem, nowhere in specific. We where kinda all over the place all day. The weather was great, again, and everyone was cheerfull, again. I really like being part of this crew!

Arnhem 2.0
The fourth day also took place in Arnhem. We had several indoor locations for the shootings. Even though Piet Paulusma predicted rain, gloom and filthy weather we enjoyed a long afternoon walking in the sun ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s like there’s a good weather charm on the production, I truly hope we’ll keep it that way! ๐Ÿ˜€

It has been really great so far and we still have many days to go! I’m already looking forward to them ๐Ÿ˜€

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Who’s on the crew of “Ik en Emma”?

ME! ๐Ÿ˜€


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