So, what’s it you’re looking for?

25 Apr

If you got this person, smart and funny. One that’s awesome and playful but serious and responsible as well. One that really understands the way you feel, both good and bad. One that will always listen to you and will support you, even if you are wrong. Someone that respects you and thinks you’re perfect, no matter what. who wants to take care of you and will go that extra mile to make you smile. Someone who won’t just agree on everything you say. One who challenges you. One who is willing to wait for you, no matter how long it takes. Someone of whom you think is beautiful. Who has the same expectations of the future. Who will always be there for you. Who wants to be your friend, your lover, your family, your shelter. Tell me, if you find that boy or girl, what more is it you can possibly be looking for?

I know I would never, ever let that guy go. ‘Cause I know he’ll be worth every hard moment, every argument and every sad situation.

So find the goddamn thing you’re looking for and come back to me.

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Posted by on April 25, 2012 in Blog


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