The birthday cake

01 Feb

My boyfriend turned 21 last Monday and as I wanted to surprise him with more than just something you can easily buy at a store, I baked him a cake!

not baked, specifically, it had to be cooled instead of heated. Anyways..

I bought 4 chunks of different colored marzipan, a chocolate bar, 3 ready-to-use flat cakes, jam, sugar coating, fruit sprinkles and those cute tiny silver eatable balls.

STEP 1 Okay,, First I made the cake itself. Out of each cake I cut a circle of the same size. Before I piled them up I put jam between them so you got cake/jam/cake/jam/cake. I made sure t piled them neatly so the side would look nice and smooth. Then I put the cake into the refrigiator.

STEP 2 Then I took out the marzipan. I used the wooden rolling pin to flatten the marzipan enough so I could cut out the necessary shapes easily. This took quite a while and in the meantime I melted the chocolate in a little pan which stood inside a bigger pan containing boiling water.

STEP 3 As soon as I finished with the marzipan I took a toothpick which I dipped into the molten chocolate. With that chocolized toothpick I drew the lines in the marzipan. I must say I thought it would be easy to draw the chocolate lines but it turned out quite different. But I’ve seem to have done a okay job.

STEP 4 As I waited for the chocolate to dry I prepared the sugar coating. Also, I put all the fruit sprinkles on a tray, ready to use. I took the cake out of the refrigerator and smeared the sugar coating all over the side of the cake. Then I took the sugar coated cake and rolled the side trough the fruit sprinkles in the tray. This way the fruit sprinkles would stuck to the sides of the cake. Last I took some left over sugar coating and smeared it on top of the cake like a kind of glue to keep the marzipan top in place. As finishing touch I placed the silver balls and tataaa.. A birthday cake was born!




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2 responses to “The birthday cake

  1. Dittsy

    February 1, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    You rule baby!

  2. Mark

    February 1, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I really likeylike. En hij smaakte ook nog heel erg goed. Your the very best
    kusje voor mijn lieve schat!


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