25 Nov

So, I met this guy on the internet last summer. We talked a lot to each other on chat and later on we also started texting. It felt strange so way. I mean I didn’t know this guy or even met hem for real. All I knew where the conversations on chat, the texsts and the pictures he’d posted online. But for some reason I felt like I could trust him, tell him stuff and that he’d be there for me if I needed him to. He knew, even without knowing me, how to put a smile on my face. I liked him for that.

So 4 weeks back we decided to meet. I where really nervous! I didn’t know what to expect and where afraid I’d be disappointed. I wasn’t. It turned out to be a really nice day together and as it ended I didn’t want him to go actually. I liked him. I hoped he liked me too.

We kept texting over the weekend and I couldn’t decide weather I had to ask him to hang out or not. I just couldn’t decide, just didn’t want to screw this up. clearly I didn’t screw up and he liked me too, ’cause I’m very please to inform that we’ve been dating ever since! I’m still amazed by his looks every time I see him, just can’t believe he has actually chosen to be with me! We have so much fun but we can also discuss the more difficult subjects. It just feels right..

Yesterday he took me to diner. I really enjoyed it! We went to a restaurant called “Ask The Chef” which is basically a sushi restaurant. We ate wonderfull sushi and I taught Mark how to use chop sticks, he did really wel! We had loads of fun! After the sushi we went to House of Billiards to play Pool together, I really sucked so he won 6 to 2. It where a great night and I hope there’ll be more nights like that in the future.

Playing pool

some pictures we took last week

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