Mom’s 50th birthday

20 Jul

Last month my mom, Betty, turned 50! It would be a shame not to make a fuzz about it, so we did! My aunts had an huge poster with old photo’s of my mom scattered all over the place. They also had multiple miniature versions of the huge poster which they littered the house with. At first mom didn’t really know what to make of it but appreciated it anyway 😀 We also surprised my mom with 3 Sarah-dolls in the front yard, banners and all! One of her friends, one of the neighbors and one of Luuc, dad and me. She really liked it!

Mom helt a celebration the next weekend at Gieling. There were over the 50 guests, I lost count. The mood was high, the band where awesome and I was the photographer! Her colleagues had prepared a song and everyone danced. It was a great evening! I really enjoyed myself, and I think my mom did too!

Happy 50th birthday mom!

My mom turned 50 last month and this is the damage we inflicted while celebrating it!

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