RSW: The Weekend

12 Jun


After hours of preparations, practice, informing and grooming our scouts the moment finally arrived. The RSW was about to begin. Our scouts have worked so hard and picked up on so many new techniques on such a short time that I have to admit I was already proud on them.

When Kees and I arrived at the campsite that morning, people where already unpacking and sorting material all over the place. I wasn’t sure I could help at all. So I started wondering around the grounds and made some pictures. I met a load of nice people of the Trolls subcamp-staff, with whom I stayed for a chat for a while. I helped putting up a massive tent at the Werewolf subcamp and tried to help at the firepit, but failed. Haha. I did have a good time already.

As we where still enjoying our dinner together, French fries, kids started showing up. So we quickly finished our fries and lead the children to the right places. As the kids started transferring their luggage and material to their own campsite we had to change and get into our theme-cloths, which in our case was vampires. I had the fangs and everything! It was a kind of slow evening.. The kids had their subcamp introductions and had to build their own campsites. In the meanwhile I was meeting more and more awesome people!

Later that night al the kids where rounded up in the firepit. All three subcamps came up with their own yell, which they presented towards each other on the top of their lungs. That was kind of funny! The kids got a midnight snack and there was a word of welcome. After that everyone went back to their own subcamps, getting ready for bed. We stayed up late with a few and had a good time with some beers and the bonfire. I barely slept that night, I just couldn’t keep myself warm inside my sleeping bag. And the fact that I lay on top of a massive pinecone didn’t really help.

That morning we had breakfast and organized the people who would post on the hike that afternoon. Kees and I where made post 1 and we had to come up with a game. We monitored the game called Creating Monsters, which goes like this: You have a group of people, say 5, which means you’ll have 20 hands and 20 feet to work with. If I tell them to build a monster with 8 feet and 11 hands, the whole group has to adjust till they got 8 feet and 11 hands on the floor. Nothing more, nothing less. So they have to piggybacks and stuff to succeed. They got 5 minutes to build as many monsters as they could, one point for every finished monster. It really was a fun sight to look at!

After all the kids had passed our post we could leave. Three kids had stayed with us, bellyaches and blisters. Lucky for us Roel stayed with his car nearby. Feeling adventurous, we made our way trough the woods using non existing roads. Till ofcourse, things went wrong. The little van wasn’t build to take us up hill trough loose dry sand. We where stuck. It has taken us over 40 minutes to free ourselves again, which would’ve took even longer if I hadn’t spent so much hours watching Ultimate Survival in the past, haha! Like a real Bear Grylls we dug a hole in front of the wheels and poked in a buckload of sticks and moss. It worked! I was very excited about the whole awesome stuck-in-the-sand adventure, unfortunately the “sick” kids didn’t see is that way.

We didn’t really do much the rest of that afternoon. Ivo asked me if I could help judging that evening, so I did. Which was fun till I had to taste the food the kids had made, which meant I had like a gazillion plates with slightly different prepared food which I had to eat and actually consider the taste, blegh. I felt a bit sick after that, just for a while though.

That evening the kids could preform on open podium if they wanted. So we watched that and after the open podium there was music. It was fun dancing around and acting all crazy. Again we stayed at the bonfire while the kids went to bed. I also went with Ivo, Niels and Jaap trough the McDrive that night.

Thunder woke me up the next morning. It started raining like crazy right after that.. Luckily the rain didn’t last long, but long enough to soak everything. A wonderful start of the day, haha.. The sun was shining again as we started breakfast though. After breakfast we started breaking down the tents and kitchens. I helped Niels judging the Witches subcamp. Then something went wrong. Three of my fingers got smashes between 2 metal trunks! It hurt like hell and got all blue and everything.. After a while we decided I should get to the hospital to have my fingers checked. Jaap took me, also for his own benefit of a clean toilet I must say haha! At the hospital they took Xray pictures and feared one of my fingers was broken. They took some extra Xrays and came to the conclusion It wasn’t broken, thank god! But I did render those three fingers useless for the upcoming 2 weeks. Damn..

As we got back, the skilldrive had already began. It looked like a chaotic mess.. I didn’t really get it. The kids enjoyed themselves though, which was the most important thing. The skilldrive kinda abruptly came to an end as the weather seemed to turn ugly. So the kids had to make sure everything was packed and if they hadn’t forgot to take some stuff from their subcamp.

The grand finale took place in the firepit that afternoon, aunt Beppie and aunt Annie hosted the whole ceremony. It was a blast! Out of the 43 competing groups, my scouts ended 30th, 20th and 17th place! Well done! I truly am very proud of them!

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