Plants vs Zombie(walk Arnhem)

25 May

Last week Arnhem experienced a rather terrifying sighting. Tons of undead people appeared out of nowhere and roamed the streets of Arnhem that afternoon. Scared people and crying children fled into the stores the moment the zombies passed by, the few who did stay outside risked their brains to be sucked out and ending up as an zombie feast.

Neeh, I’m just kidding. It was quite an spectacular thing to witness. All those people in their costumes and make-up, some more realistic than others of course, but I did like it! There was a soldier, rollerblade girls and even a zombie dog! The zombies did have a higher purpose than just creeping people out though. They tried to get attention and food for animal shelters if I stand correctly. Attention they’d get!

As for some people, I’m very attached to my brains. So I didn’t like the idea of them approaching zombies eating it! I collected as many sun rays as I could and started building my defense lines as quick as possible!

Inspiration: Plants vs Zombies

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Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Blog, Design


One response to “Plants vs Zombie(walk Arnhem)

  1. Anthonie Duinker

    August 28, 2011 at 8:05 am

    geniaal helemaal die onbewuste voorbijganges die de rom perfect spelen


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