Mother’s Day

10 May

Mother’s Day. A day of pampering your mum. Like everyone suddenly loves their mom a tat more that particular day. I think it’s just an excuse for shop owners to sell us stuff for our mum, as if your a bad son or daughter if you don’t.

I got our mum something anyway (I had to do something for both me and my brother ’cause he lives in Ghana). At days like this breakfast means gift-time so I brought mum her present along with her cup of tea! we gave her a cute green glass lantern with white flower shaped wire wrapped around it. Inside I put a similar green candle with white dots. Mum really liked it!

After breakfast mum and dad went to my grandma’s and I went to work. It was such a lovely day, so I couldn’t stay inside. After work I went straight to Horsterpark for a walk and I took some pictures.

I also did some street art again! …better name it playground art though

That night we decided to go out and grab something to eat. So we went to Emmerich. They have a boulevard over there packed with little restaurants. It really was nice being there with mum and dad! After dinner mum was brought a rose by a waiter because of Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤

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Posted by on May 10, 2011 in Blog, photography


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