Liberation day

06 May

As an spin off on the world war II we celebrate 2 occasions. We remember the people who died during war on may the 4th. On may the 5th we celebrate our liberation.

Yesterday we had to go and remember the people who died so we can live the life we know today. free. Which is something load of people forget everyday, including me. I think it’s really important to remember the deceased once a year. We have this annual thing every may the 4th with my scouting group. We walk in the death-march to the monument and keep quit for 2 minutes, then there is a flower banquet.

Today was the best day. The day we celebrate our liberation all over the country. This year was an really quit edition for me. I didn’t go to one of the festivities which where all over the country. I chose to spent my time with my aunt in Aalsmeer. I really enjoyed myself today. I contacted my ex-roommate and we made an appointment for that night. A few of the guys I met at Queensday joined in and it was great! Later on Tim passed by and sat down with us for a while. I really enjoyed myself tonight! So I wanted t thank everyone involved!

Next year couldn’t be better!

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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Blog


One response to “Liberation day

  1. Itsie Ditsie Spider

    May 6, 2011 at 10:11 am

    NIce to hear you had so much fun honeybee^^


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