02 May

We’ve got this annual festivity back in the Netherlands called Queensday. Queensday symbolizes the birthday of Queen Juliana, the mother of our current queen, Beatrix. We’ve celebrated this day ever since 1948.

There is an official part in all this. Every year our royal family participates in a small city tour which is different every year. Tons of people watch that live on TV, mostly elder people I must say. The rest of us go out and have a good time!

This years edition was e excellent one! It started the night before the actual day. It wasn’t like I attended to go but I saw so many people having fun and drinking beer, so I decided to go and find Ditte. She has already there. We started at 8Bahn which was awesome! The beats, the lights, the people! We startes wondering around later on and where kinda all over the place! We did have loads of fun (and beers for that matter!) We ended up at the Move and spent the last hours there. Loved it! Ditte stayed over that night..

The next day started great! The sun was shining and I wasn’t hangover! I went home to my parents to get to work as soon as possible so I could be back in Arnhem as early as possible. Ditte was delayed because (ofcourse) the trains refused to do what they where invented for. Transporting people. So later on we went to the festivities! I had an backpack filled with cold beers, the sun was still shining and we realy felt like partying! There where loads of stages all over the city and I’m not sure we’ve seen all of them even though we’ve switched a lot between stages. The details of the day are a bit hazy! I do know we ended up at the move again, I’ve met a few awesome people, danced like crazy, enjoyed the weather, had some beers and had a great time with Ditte!

I realy needed this!

Le photo’s

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  1. Itsie Ditsie Spider

    May 2, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    loved it!


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