Things I like to do on the internet

25 Apr

Like most people I like to spend time on the internet. I like to catch up on my friends, do research on the most rediculus subjects, watch silly pictures, stream my favorite shows and gain inspiration.

I noticed that I always check certain websites and barely try to track down new ones.. They all fit in 4 categories:

I keep track of my friends whereabouts and adventures due to FaceBook, like everyone else on this planet. I also have an account on Hyves, but don’t use that one anymore. Hyves is like the dutch-FaceBook. Then there’s Twitter. I didn’t really get it and kind of hated it, but now it’s okay though..

Widescale disasters, freak accidents, world domination, pointless wars, naggy actors and much much more! I keep track of the world affairs by checking a few times a day.

I like to laugh, like most people I assume. That’s the main reason for visiting the next websites. They also help me killing spare time. The Oatmeal for instance, he creates the most rediculus and entertaining comics and tests I know! He also created the websites Women with Mustaches and Marvelous Manboobs, which I enjoy visiting every now and then. I also like to visit People of WalMart with just one good reason, some Americans are so fucking stupid! The way they dress, it’s like they WANT us to laugh at them!

Last but definitely not least, inspiration. I’m often stuck on a project with absolutely no idea how to solve the problem or to come up with an idea. So I often check out some websites which contain loads and loads of good ideas. I love to browse Vimeo. Some people make wonderfull video’s and everyone has his of her own style. I just like to watch and analyse them! An other good site is the Color Me Katie blog. Katie Sokoler is an actress who’s kinda silly. She loves funny gadgets, bright colors and is a little bit crazy. I love her work! I did some urban creativity due to her, click here to check that out 🙂 I’ve also been using Deviant Art for ages now! It is a great source of inspiration on photography and graphic design. There’s a lot of junk on that site but is you take your time you’ll discover some great pieces of work!

This is how I spend my time on the internet 😉 Maybe you’ll enjoy the possibillities the websites offer too, maybe not. I only know I enjoy them 😀

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