Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

13 Apr

I finished the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht last summer. I’ve had a real good time those 4 years, I met a lot of great people and we made a lot of crappy productions! I came across a few of these productions while I tried to re-organize my Mac this morning. A little tour trough a fragment of my past!

2006/2007: Class 1MM5
This is the year I enter the Grafisch Lyceum. I was realy crappy in well… everything. I never worked with Photoshop and I never even heard of Autodest 3ds studio max. But I tried really hard and showed just enough progress for my teachers to allow me to pass the 1st year. I did get an “study delay” as they called it because my grades where to low but they knew I had talent. The study delay would be an extra project the next year. They never gave me one 😀 We also started the year with 26 classmates of whom 12 remained at the end of the year. 4 of them didn’t make it to the 2nd year. It made it a lot harder to work on your projects because people of your project-group constantly dropped out.

Build your own rotoscoop: Rabbit vs. Carrot


2007/2008: Class 2MM3
I was transferred to a whole new class because there was nothing left from my old one. That complicated things a bit because they all knew each other for a whole year and I knew no one. But It worked out though ^^ This year was harder because the teachers really did take the projects a level higher. I really liked it. We also had to do an internship for half a year. I did mine at Robbie Networks in Utrecht. We also had an 3 day-schooltrip to Antwerpen which was really awesome! The internship sucked big time. unfortunately I couldn’t find many projects, but I’ll add them once I come across them 🙂


2008/2009: Class 3AV4
From now on the class would stick together, which was nice. We got loads of responsibility and freedom which we often used for the wrong reasons (; Again we had to do a half year internship. This time I worked at TinQwise in Hilversum. This internship was way better but I spent most of my time Photoshopping which got boring after like, a week.

Wonen op Water

Brand Yourself

Film: Wraak

Amnesty International

Portfolio 2009

2009/2010: Class 4AV3
This year started with an other internship. I worked as editor at the Evangelische Omroep in Hilversum. It was my best internship ever, I actually learned something! Haha.. I edited for 2 shows, Jong and Nederland Zingt. I also did the back stage episodes of Catherine Keyl with 2 other interns. the preparations of our exams started as soon as we got back to school. We did a lot of fun experiments and projects and had to focus on our individual and group exams. We also had a 7 day-schooltrip to Istanbul as the end of the 4 years we spend together! I loved it!

Your own program: Xcetra VJ

Koken met Pixels: My menu

Individual exam: Man bijt hond

Group exam: Stand animation

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