the ScoutFit redemption

09 Apr

Not as fond of the new ScoutFit as they want you to be? Neighter am I. Non of the adjustments are an improvement in my opinion. I liked the old fabric better, I liked the old colors better and definitely don’t get why they moved the shoulder patches to inside your sleeve?! I’ve been wearing my sleeves rolled up for ages and I never needed anything to keep them there.

Anyway, I needed a new ScoutFit because I joined the scouts. Now I’m stuck with this new ScoutFit because the shop assistant wouldn’t sell me an old ScoutFit. Grr..

Well, time to pimp my ScoutFit, the old fashioned way!

First I tore of the holding-up-your-sleeve-thingies with this pointy thing

I took a good look at the sleeve thingies and came to the conclusion they’ll make excellent shoulder patches. But before I could get started I had to get rid of the tiny shoulder loop they installed. Like they could fool us in how useful it would become. Yeah.. right. I took it off

Next I pinned the sleeve thingies on my ScoutFit. This had to be done very careful because if you don’t do this proper you’ll end up with wonky shoulder patches.

The next step is a very important one, choosing the right shade of yarn! If you chose wrong, everyone will notice your adjustments immediately!

Then I grabbed the sawing machine and started fastening both the shoulder patches to my ScoutFit. If you follow the sowing lines that are already on your ScoutFit, no one will ever notice your shoulder patches shouldn’t be there!

After finishing the fastening, I had to determent the exact location of the buttons. For that you’ll have to lay your ScoutFit down on a flat surface. Than you’ll take an pen and draw a dot trough the shoulder patch buttonhole onto the fabric beneath it. That’s the button-to-be 🙂

I think you noticed the ScoutFit buttons to be kinda small, so it would be hard to fasten them with the sowing machine. This has to be done by hand. Be careful not to poke your finger, it hurts!

And here it is, your new and improved ScoutFit!

The only things left to do now are fastening your shoulder patches to the buttons, put on your ScoutFit and be happy with the way it has it’s old look back 😀 I know I am!

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