Ik en Emma

05 Apr

Like I said a few posts back, I am on the crew of Ik en Emma. The actual shooting started 2 weeks ago but loads happened since I got on the crew. This is our story so far:

How I got in
I guess it all started last year when I volunteered to help Maarten with the school project he was working on. It was a project in which they had to recruit a whole team to develop a new game from scratch in nearly 8 weeks time. I came along to edit their making off film for the end-of-term-presentation the next day. The project leader of the Dark Flame team was Alex. He told me about Ik en Emma that day, but couldn’t say much. That was a little frustrating because I wanted to know more about the film! Then Alex suggested that I could be on the crew. They had a few options open. First I couldn’t believe it, but then I became very enthusiastic! Alex would talk to Alphonso and later on, so would I. We agreed very quickly on my part in the crew. Sound.

Where I got help
I started to gather information right away. I also went to my old school to talk to my former teachers. They explained a lot to me and said that I could ask for their help any time. In the meantime I had scouting training where I met a guy, Tim. He told me about his work, which was also audio/video related, and gave me his card. Which of course, I lost. The second weekend of the training was 2 weeks before the first production day. I talked to Tim again and asked him if he was interested in helping me. He was and we made an appointment to discuss the job later. I am really glad I asked Tim for help, he makes the job a lot easier!

Our first location was a vintage store in Utrecht called Sussies Vintage. It was a really cool location ’cause it had all these happy colors, clothes and funny wallpapers. The weather was great and everyone was excited for getting started! I was very nervous since this was my first real production day, but all went really well! I can’t wait to see the results! Unfortunately we didn’t get to shoot all the footage we wanted so we’ll have to get back there for an other day, not that I mind though 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second day took place in a cafeteria. It contained a few very tricky shots and every single sound echoed a lot. It was also my first day without Tim’s help so it became a bit more complicated holding on to all my material and keeping an eye on the recording device. I think it went okay though 😀

The third day took place in Arnhem, nowhere in specific. We where kinda all over the place all day. The weather was great, again, and everyone was cheerfull, again. I really like being part of this crew!

Arnhem 2.0
The fourth day also took place in Arnhem. We had several indoor locations for the shootings. Even though Piet Paulusma predicted rain, gloom and filthy weather we enjoyed a long afternoon walking in the sun 😀 It’s like there’s a good weather charm on the production, I truly hope we’ll keep it that way! 😀

It has been really great so far and we still have many days to go! I’m already looking forward to them 😀

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