RSW: Pionieren

31 Mar

We decided to send our scouts to the RSW this year. RSW means Regionale Scouting Wedstrijden (Regional Scouts Competitions). This is a weekend filled with scout-activities such as hiking, coördinates, cooking, build your own kitchen, setup your tent and much more. The scouts can earn points for everything and of course the team with the most points wins.

We really want our own scouts to stand a chance against all the others so we dedicate loads of time now on practicing all different kinds of techniques.

First I wanted to teach them how to build your own kitchen, scouts-wise. We started by explaining which knots should be used in which situation and that it is important to make them as tight as possible. If you don’t you’ll have an unstable table or the poles you sit on as bank will start rolling around. You don’t want that!

Luckily they got the hang of the knots very quick and we could start on explaining how to construct the kitchen, Which looks like this:

Every scout got their own pile of sticks, rope and a scouting-kitchen-for-dummies-manual and had to build their kitchen. It was not a very fun activity to do, but once you understand how a kitchen is constructed you’ll be able to build one the rest of your life. I hope they’ll remember it once they’re on the RSW, cause there is no guidance allowed to help the scouts.

Next we’ll go and teach them how to use a compass, which should be fun!

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Posted by on March 31, 2011 in Blog, Scouting


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