14 Mar

Nearly 6 years I’ve been a Guide at my local Scouting, Scouting Groessen. But I’ve never done anything to learn certain skills you need to guide your young Welps properly. Everything went well, Since a few months I’ve been occupying the post as Scouts Guide as well, so I felt a training would be in order! Funny enough almost my whole guiding-team felt that same way so we went all together! So Afke, Stefanie, Bernward, Joost, Debby and myself were buckled up for a new adventure!

We had our first meeting at an friday evening at the scoutingbuilding in Westervoort. We had loads of fun that evening even though all we had to do was sit quit and pay attention to a powerpoint. I don’t realy remember what they told us, to be fair. I only know they told us about the new way of Scouting, what all canged and somewhere along the powerpoint, I stopped listening.

Shortly after that followed the first trainings weekend. Debby decided not to join us anymore so we where one (wo)man down in number. We had to sit through buckloads of powerpoints and long speeches. But fortunately the staff planned a massive amount of coffie breaks in between! We had to split the group halfway through the first day. My own team all went with the Welps group and I stayed behind with a little group dedicaded to the Scouts. We started talking about age-bound specifics of a child and about gameplay. I got loads of good advise from that moment on! After dinner we hat time off to get ready for the Regional Scouting Party wich we would attent to later that evening. The evidence of the fun we had:

In order to watch the video you’ll have to enter scouting01 as password

There was a great bonfire burning at the trainings host-building when we got back that night. So we continued having fun there. I realy had a great night! You can see the pictures if you want, just go to this post.
Unfortunately we had to get up realy early the next morning for a brand new day of more talks and more powerpoint. It sounds boring, I know. But I realy had a great time meeting all those people and hanging out with them 😀

Last weekend we had the last trainings weekend. Unfortunately Bernward fell ill a day previous, so he couldn’t come. This weekend was dedicaded to theme and how to apply it to a evening or a camp. Our theme was Asterix and Obelix. The group was devided in teams of 4. We had to stand for a court to convince them why we should get a place in their village to practice the arts of Scouting. This all because Julius Caeser decided to build an Roman post on our clubhouse. Furthermore we had an game called Menhir race. You had to run down a parcourt with a large barrol on your back like a Menhir. Last we played a game simular to sissy-rugby we call at home KwalleBallen, but we played it with an ordinary ball in stead of craploads of dirt! After dinner we had a few speeches in seperate groups again, I myself went with the scouts-group. That evening we build a massive bonfire, had craploads of beers and made ourselves a good time 😀 At 5.30 AM I decided it was a good time to go to bed. 8.00 AM we had to get up again :’) I didn’t mind, just felt a bit nauseous of barely sleeping. We had a little few speeches and presentations that morning and plenty of free time for coffie and enjoying the sun 😀

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I had a great time and I’m realy looking foreward to meeting up with a bunch of those silly friends again. ‘Cause I think that’s wat we’ve become, friends.

Oh.. and officially licensed Scouting Guides ofcourse!

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One response to “Training

  1. TommY

    March 14, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    What a nice story. The summary of the few days we spend in Elst, reminds me that we’ve done so much there! What a fine memory this will become!

    I’m very happy I joined Irene, Michelle and Laura for this training.
    We’ve learned a lot from each other, and made some new friends as a bonus!

    I’m looking forward meeting them all again soon!


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