20 Feb


Since I’ve become a student loads of things changed. I got my own place, had to do my own groceries and had to make sure I had enough money. It doesn’t sound as hard as it is, believe me. So I had to cut in my budget and drop the activities that weren’t absolutely necessary. So I gave up on sports. I mean, I do like sport but I couldn’t practice a team sport ’cause I lived at my parents every weekend. And I knew I wouldn’t hang on to fitness on my own. But I can’t climb a staircase without running out of breath! I seriously have to do something about that..

After a year and a half spend in Student-hood I signed my self up to HIphop-Dancing. It was loads of fun, but I couldn’t afford the 2nd season, so I quit. A few months later Matt an I started swimming one evening a week. But school, scouting and appointments intervened. I still try to go every Thursday, but mostly I fail.
…and no, Wii Sports doesn’t count :’)

Well that much for sports.. :’)

I did notice some other reasons. I did a few internships, which means I had to sit behind a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I traveled by buss and train, barely had to walk. And the activities I practiced at home where cooking, eating and sleeping. Not very exiting. I noticed I gained weight and ran out of breath more often. Seriously wrong.

I knew I had to do something about that. But earlier attempts failed. I didn’t have the time nor money, so I had to come up with a creative and free solution. First I started listing the things I had to do. I have to travel, I have to do my groceries, I have to do my shopping, I have to get to school and I have to get to my internships company. Next I started thinking of transport possibilities. I could walk, but I can’t afford the time I’ll lose on walking everything. I could use my bike, but I can’t take my bike everywhere without paying a ridiculous amount of money. Maybe my skateboard? But using your skateboard in public is not tolerated on side walks and most streets of Arnhem. Plus I’m not aloud to take my deck with me in most shops. Then I thought of a particular form of transfer. Something I played with a lot when I was little. Inline skates!

I instantly thought it was a fabulous idea! I can get everywhere quick, I can take a pair of shoes in my bag, it is fun, I don’t have to get them a train ticket and Skating is officially a sport. Great! 😀

I’ll start this Monday, so wish me luck! I’m looking forward to it 😀

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