19 Feb

I’ve got an HTC Desire since last summer and I must say I love it! I never was a huge fan of touchscreen and I didn’t think one should be able to spent even more time on the internet. Even the app’s annoyed me. People where talking about these great new super massive apeshit apps, till a new and bétter version would be released. which is bullcrap if you ask my opinion, ’cause the only thing they’d improved would be a bird who’ll fly better trough “glass panels”. I just didn’t see the point.

But then I decided to join the 21st century and see what it could offer me. So I started fooling around with my brand new HTC and I had to admit it was kinda fun, once you’d get the hang of it :’) I still didn’t really like the touchscreen, I guess that would be because I kept pressing the wrong “buttons”! And I must say app’s really come in handy sometimes.

I am proud to say I mastered that skill too by now!

Anyhow, tonight I realized that what “they” say is true. ‘You’ll get a costume to luxury very easily, but going back to less is much harder’
My phone started vibrating and casting hysterical noises and then it turned off. Crap. Then I realized I didn’t bring my charger for the weekend.. argh. So I dived under my bed on a quest to find Mrs. Old Mobile-phone who is still together with Mr. Charger. And I was lucky!

Now I have to swap my big-ass touchscreen internet provided agenda 5MPX camera weather forcast HTC to a mms sms infra-red call 1MPX camera Samsung with actual buttons. Well, it aint so bad when I think about it. ‘Cause no, I won’t be able to check my email. And No, I can’t What’sApp with my boyfriend. But I’ll be forced to live out in the real world instead of the digital one, simply because my phone only can do what a mobile phone is meant for to do. Texting and calling. And I’m gonna love it!

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Posted by on February 19, 2011 in Blog


One response to “Downgrade?

  1. Maarten

    February 20, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Haha die versus foto is echt baas!


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